Saturday, May 16, 2015

14 Interesting Analogue Photos of Passengers that You can Catch Easily on a Bus

Bus is one of the most common means of our daily public transportation. So we can catch a lot of various interesting images of the passengers. And It's also an inspiration for photographers.

Untitled by mark justin harvey

Untitled by Jillian Camille

Untitled by 夏先生

clara by mykonos.

Untitled by voldy92

watch us by gguillaumee

untitled by Derek Corneau

(I know you riders) by Robbie McIntosh

Rollei_CR200_2-4 by Onni / Xijia Cao

Negative0-13-13(1) by g_eu

And I can't disguise the words that I stole from your lips by fedeskier

its been a long day by . s p w .

Tryptique by copyonekenobi

Gennevilliers / Bus 166, 2014 by Marie Ilford

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