Thursday, May 28, 2015

12 Interesting Film Photos of Street Market May Make You Want to Go There Once At Least

Street market, also called spontaneous market, is a form of trade and exchange between the people on the street, and popular in Asian countries. Some of these places has been in operation for a long time and formed controlled markets. Anyway, it is always a beauty, and one of the characteristic culture of Asian countries.

Some of interesting analogue photos below may help us more understanding about it.

Morning Market by MrLob

breakfast in the market by chi.mai

on the way of pursuing by Queenie doesn't want you.

Early morning at the bazaar by N A Y E E M

Mother and daughter by alaricxyz

Hue market by Mark, just Mark.

Hani Market Women by polarapfel

insert title here... by kPluto

waiting for customer~ by asuramaru™

bargain by Juria Toramae

Hat Yai Street by sicknessclown

Fuji200-F4-238-4 by Apollothirteen

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