Saturday, April 11, 2015

the resurrection of film: film is back

“Yeah baby. Film is back indeed. So go on and show and show us what you can do with your old/new/vintage film cameras.”
Here, below are some of our favorite analogue images from the resurrection of film: film is back group on Flickr.

with lubi by raquel fialho

Bike trip in the morning fog / 001-21 by morihaos

000097 by Emma Bowlcut

Overnight by Daniel Regner

Canada goose house by Jonas.Nilsson

secret_meeting by sim.meyer

untitled by patrickjoust

flight path by scarecrowjohnny

untitled by Tseng Wen

staircase by ja nina

Горсвет by Anton Novoselov

Achill Island by biegly

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