Monday, April 27, 2015

Katarína Szabová - 5 things I love about Film

Katarína Szabová is a 21-year-old Slovakian photographer from Bratislava who is studying art history at university in Vienna, Austria and loves to save every moment by her film cameras.

Katarína has just joined with us in a project called Me and my film cameras. She has a lot of reasons to keep her passion on shooting film and here are 5 main ones she would like to share with us.

1. I can never concentrate on one particular moment when I shoot digital photos. The emotion I mainly want to express is not complete when I shoot digital and it's split among all the pictures you are tempted to shoot in the row (since you have a digital camera and you can do as many the pictures as you want to). When I shoot film, I concentrate on one particular moment, take maximum 2 photos of one thing, but only if I'm really not sure that I captured the thing I wanted to. I can value the picture much more when shooting film, it's a cliche, but when one picture you remember you took a month ago is good after you develop it, the feeling after is different.

2. I'm not very technical, so all the buttons on the digital cameras confuse me, my old camera doesn't have any of them, so you just need to shoot.

3. The imperfection of analogue photography, I like them very much. Imperfect light, colour, all those aspects are very charming for me.

4. The surprise after they are finally developed.

5. The possibility to develop them on your own, I did it only once so far, but with the pictures I feel like if they were all only and completely mine since I was part of the whole process. It was a little different and very nice feeling.

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