Sunday, April 12, 2015

Film vs. Digital through RA Friedman's Look

RA Friedman is an American photographer, based-in NYC and maintains a studio in Philadelphia, so he usually has to split his time between NYC and his Philadelphia live/work space. He has been working with both film and digital, developing and printing his own film since his elementary school days in Manhattan back in the late 1960's.

RA was a fellow for "Journeys South", an initiative of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Project from 2009-2011. His works have been shown by the Merchant’s House Museum in NYC, appeared in The Sun Magazine, New York Magazine, Supplementaire (UK) and F-Stop. He is also a regular contributor to The Laboratory Collective Magazine.

Today, he would like to share his look between film and digital through his latest project, crowd-funded on Kickstarter, is working with another photographer, Mindy Veissid of NYC to produce a body of work that contrasts Friedman’s medium format film shots in black and white against Veissid’s digital color photos.
“Traveling to five randomly chosen U.S. cities, we have been capturing the same subjects, creating pairs of images.”

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA  iPhone photo versus Hasselblad. Both photos: c.2015 RA Friedman

Lackawanna Coal Mine, c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid

Bethlehem Steel Furnace,  c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid

Binghamton University Nature Preserve, c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid

Henry Street Bridge, Binghamton, NY,  c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid

Gallery of Iron Furnace, Scranton, PA, c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid

Shop Window, Clinton Street, Binghamton, NY, c.2015 RA Friedman/ c.2015 Mindy Veissid
All the black and white photos were taken  by RA with a Hasselblad 500cm, f2.8 80mm Carl Zeiss CF T lens on Kodak Tri-X film, developed in HC110 1:49 and scanned on an Epson V500. The camera is the stock kit that was popular with professionals before the advent of digital photography. “I try to shoot full frame, although sometimes I do crop and/or do perspective correction in Photoshop, when appropriate.”
Mindy’s camera is a Canon 5D MKII with a 24-70 zoom. Images have been cropped to fit the square format.

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