Thursday, April 16, 2015

Brianna Ortega - 5 things I love about Film

Brianna Ortega is an American photographer, based-in Portland, Oregon. She works on both film and digital, but mostly with film. “Themes and issues concerning the ocean and identity within the context of the surrounding environment continue to inform my work. I hope to collaborate with others in the future on film photo projects. I can appreciate digital photography, but my heart lives for film.”

Brianna is also a semi-nomadic surfer enthusiast who grew up in both California and Hawai'i. She is currently completing an art degree in Portland, Oregon, with focuses in social art, video art, and jewelry/metalworking, and enjoys taking film photos on the side. There are a lot of reasons that make her still love shooting film and here are 5 main ones she would like to share with us.

1. It captures light the most accurately, both the subtle tonal shifts of light during different times of the day, and the way that light is reflected off and illuminated through different materials such as water.

2. Looking through a lens of a film camera feels so much more real than looking through a lens of a digital camera. I once bought a DSLR, but I did not feel the same looking through the DSLR lens as I did with film cameras.

3. You don't need a screen to look at your photos, and you don't need electricity to power your passion. Many film cameras don't require batteries! I don't even use batteries for my light meter in my Nikon FM anymore.

4. The practice of patience and humility in knowing that you will have to wait to see your results and you don't know if your photos will come out the way you had planned. In an era of constant gratification, waiting and not knowing rebuild a curiosity and a sense of adventure into the unknown.

5. Only having 24 photos on a roll of film allows us to make sure we are taking photos of what really captures our attention; what really speaks to our hearts and minds.

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