Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brandon Wilson - My Thoughts on Film Photography

Brandon Wilson is an American photographer, based-in Los Angeles. He currently works on medium and large format with a variety of different film cameras.

Brandon who has just been featured on Shooting Film once before shoots mostly portrait. Today he came back in a project called My Thoughts on Film Photography to share his work with us.

While I do appreciate how far we've come in respect to digital technology, I'm a huge fan of film and all of the magic it brings with it, so I only shoot medium and large format negatives.

I tend to focus on simplistic values and I think that shooting on film keeps me grounded in that way. I use primarily two different film stocks, Fuji 400H when I’m shooting medium format and Kodak Portra 400 when I’m shooting large format 4x5’s.

I love the workflow that film generates. There is no mashing of the shutter, no sifting through hundreds of images hoping for "the one". It creates a strong trusting relationship between the subject and the photographer. You don’t just hit play instantly and see what’s there. You have to rely on your knowledge, skills and instincts as a photographer. Ultimately I believe it helps to create an image that is so rich in life and character.

There is also something to be said about the pace at which one works. I love how shooting large format has really forced me to slow down and take my time dealing with each element of the process. Not to mention the thrill of capturing what it is you imagined in that specific instant you release the shutter. There's also a beauty in watching through the lens as that moment escapes you only to be relived in your own mind.

A lot of people ask me when looking through my photographs, “are these moments created or moments captured?”
I approach my work in an observational manner and while keeping things simple in nature, I think that question speaks towards my work. It’s a mixture of "traditional" portraits, environmental portraits as well as journalistic approaches of people and spaces.

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