Wednesday, April 22, 2015

15 Impressive Street Moments Caught by Medium Formats

The most important thing of street photography is catching moments that make the viewers feel emotional and impressive about them. This work is so difficult, and more difficult for analogue photography, especially when working on medium format cameras.

I couldn't escape her stare... by Bean*

Monks by Kantashoothailand

noseblow.jpg by shveckle

.. by martinnicholls

Rain and Tears by ale2000

img391 by See Attached

dapper by patrickjoust

a child on the piano by cHr1st1an S images

S-2 by OverdeaR [donkey's talking monkey's nodding]

Man in fog, Bruce Street, Stirling. by ...Matt Pringle...

Driving School by christian.senger

first ave rays by paul pepera

conversation by Barry Yanowitz

Thor by *monz*

Fire by polarisandy

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