Thursday, April 16, 2015

15 Impressive Minimalism Analogue Photographs of Activities on the Sea that Make You Smell Summer is Coming

Summer is coming and the sea is where we can easily smell its atmosphere. Let's smell Summer through some impressive minimalism analogue photographs of activities on the sea.

, by Benedetta Falugi

Running Dog by Frozen-lungs1

a paradise for surfers / Guincho, Portugal by z_o_z_y

vacationers by The_Last_Magnus

day off by Я £

Paddle-boarder seeks like-minded individual for sun, sea & adventures by fotobes

Untitled by buttha

paraíso irreal by patorayado

おいかけっこ by iwakura shiori

Untitled by © gillianvilla

Beach volleyball by hisaya katagami

Beach Horizon by The Nick Page

Untitled by sugar++

Night by mayrpamintuan

Fraser Island by Nicola Abraham

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