Thursday, April 23, 2015

15 Fantastic Film Photographs of Moon-trail You Shouldn't Ignore

Moon-trail is the name of a small analogue photograph collection in this article, where each photo was shot with long exposure method in hours to record the movement of the moon. It's hard to do and harder for analogue photography.

Moonrise And Star Trails by Thodoris Tzalavras

Seaham Moontrail / Moonrise by martintype

Giant Camera by edwham

Paulina by Sebastian B-B

Nine Hours Till Dawn by J.Sod

Pinhole: Lunargraph by SquarePegPinhole

Moon Over Manhattan by Adam Garelick

Starfall. Friday, September 21st. 5:53 - 6:51 pm. by Zeb Andrews

Newton was right by Immane

give me a shot at the night by Just-a-Song

Moonrise Over the Kenai Mountains by Eddie Erdmann

moon trail by inaeee

Moonrise by Bill Binns

Crescent Moonset Over Film City Zekreet by Doha Sam

Scan-140826-00112 by ilmaiale

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