Wednesday, April 29, 2015

15 Colour Analog Photographs Featuring Street Scenes of Nepal Before the Earthquake

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25 April has altered the face of the country. Many of the capital's landmark buildings and temples, some in world heritage sites, were badly damaged in the earthquake.

According to Wikipedia, it was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake. As of 28 April 2015, more than 10,000 people were believed to have died as a result, with casualties reported in Nepal and adjoining areas of India, China, and Bangladesh. Here is a list of some of the groups soliciting donations for relief efforts in Nepal, via the New York Times.

Bhaktapur, Nepal by ChihPing

nepal, kathmandu, strassenszene by smartvital

Chame village by Caddis Fly

Nepal by Final Approach

Bakthapur2-291103 by bourjean29

__________________________________________________ by Mr AngMoh

Nepal_Slides-31 by ern st.

Nepal (01) - 21Sep10, Kathmandu (Nepal) by °]°

Kathmandu. by Lohtse

.hazy veils of clouds loom low by Herr Benini

samz_nepal1996_kathmandu_pashupatinath_temple_027 by BU ICEAACH

C15 18:02:82 by JamesWired

Kathmandu, Nepal by Gabe Scalise

untitled by SingC

Yaks and their herder, Nepal, Gokyo region by Spkennedy3000 - Architectural Photographer

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