Tuesday, April 14, 2015

12 Stunning Portrait Photographs with Kodak Aerochrome

Kodak Aerochrome is a very fine-grain, medium-speed colour-reversal aerial camera film. This film has excellent color rendition and good image quality. So it always makes viewers feel breathtaking in each photo frame.

We will see the excellent colour of it through some of stunning portrait photographs shot by Kodak Aerochrome below.

She's the Trees by Ca$hReNo

51020006 by anvlkv

Elizabeth W. by Q.rro

Stretch by Jonathan Hillhouse

Irmela in Infrared by infraready

Untitled by bccbarbosa

Jodobirds by Clément Pinel

Over The Red Hill by Mikahrtistic

Infra One by dfdy_

Infragirl by Ho Seun

pinup session EIR by merys007

Untitled by Max Miedinger

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