Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yuko Kiyonaga - 5 things I love about Film

Yuko Kiyonaga is a Japanese photographer, based-in Tokyo. She has been shooting mostly on film with a Pentax67 and a NikonF3.

Yuko who has just been featured on Shooting Film for 1 month loves to travel and shoot everything as the best way to keep her every moment. She has a lot of reasons to keep her passion on shooting film, and here are 5 mainly interesting ones she would like to share with us.

1. Load the film, focus on object, and then press the shutter... Sound and feeling in this process is fantastic.

2. The result is always unpredictable. So time to wait for the development with expectation and anxiety, but it's so funny.

3. Light and shadow on film.

4. Film photograph gives us the feeling of the temperature and humidity in the attractive tone. Seems to have imprinted air of that moment.

5. Importance and weight of one by one photo. Limited number on the rolls of a film is going to be a growth seeking perfection in all frames.

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