Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yu-Ting Cheng - 5 things I love about Film

Yu-Ting Cheng is a Taipei photographer, based-in Tainan. She started interested in photography for many years ago, and has been shooting with film mostly, especially loves to shoot with her Polaroid cameras and expired films.

Yu-Ting who has been featured on Shooting Film before shoots mainly portrait. She has a lot of reasons to keep on her love for shooting film, and she would like to share with us her main interesting things below.

1. Uniqueness. Film makes every photo become uniquely in every moment. I really love to use Polaroid camera , because every photo is unique.

2. Colour tones. I really love the colour tones made by film.

3. Time. I wish my photos could connect with the past, so I used it.

4. Exposure latitude. I love to take a photo with light and shadow, so film's high exposure latitude is important for me.

5. Surprise.

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