Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Shadow and Film Camera

Most of film photographers often shoot self-portrait at least few times during their work. Some of them also love to shoot with their film cameras, but not many of them owned analogue photos that they shot their shadows with their film cameras.

Let's see some interesting analogue photos about "My shadow and film camera" below. Enjoy!

me-pinhole-shadow by tarky

hat by angela_c_m

love and shadow by meghan davidson

man in the shadow by thomas bach nielsen

Untitled by Cak Bowo

Resting by sinisa ostojic

Shadow: Hong Kong (Film:120) by Ng Ka Lok Edward

Untitled by nina sladojevic

Press the shutter button and advance the film until "1" appears by ©disegna

(Pleased to Meet You) by Robbie McIntosh

Self Portrait by Ralph Krawczyk Jr

My Afternoon by Fabienne Lin

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