Monday, March 16, 2015

Fred Fogaça - 5 things I love about Film

Fred Fogaça is a 25-year-old Brazilian photographer from Sertãozinho, Sao Paulo. He first interested in analogue photography in the end of 2013 and has never stopped this passion.

Fred who has just been featured on our website uses photography as a best way to keep his every moment. He has a lot of reasons to keep his love on shooting film and he would like to share with us his main ones about this.

“Keeping on analogue photography for me is all about the experience of registering the moments more than merely quality features. It's pleasant, it's worth giving myself all the troubles of searching for places to develop, scan and print. It's hard to take it out clearly distinct reasons, I don't usually name it, I just worry about myself to whether I'm feeling good on what I'm doing and stay restriction to the contemplation of this sensation, but if I have to push it a little harder I could say that.”

 1. It takes the capturing simpler, you don't have any advanced configurations to set, you simply measure the light and shoot and it's greater than it seems because if in one hand technology brings nice tools, in the other it also gives many distractions, taking a portion of worry and consideration. Once you take it out, you become free to get much more linked to the moment.

 2. It brings some dramas to the action, because if you care about your money you can't just start shooting a lot of pictures of repetitive stuff. I personally scarcely take two pictures on the same thing, even after the film is done and I'm loaded with another, I don't shoot similar stuff unless it seems so big deal. So if you wanna get the best of the roll 36 exposures are so difficult to shoot. By the way It suits great for statistics: you can know if you're getting better if you're getting more nice pictures each roll you finish.

 3. It improves your knowledge if you really get into the thing. As you can't go out shooting pictures like a machine-gun, there's at least a necessity of making the best out of possible shots, so it helps to make you stop and think more about what you are doing, encountering with your personal approach, and finding what you really want to do with the shot. As well as it helps you to improve general observation, considering once you have a good skill at it, you can figure it out more efficiently the composition.

 4. Even if you photograph in black and white you can really get beautiful and soft tones that can transmit all the vividness of the moments captured in a beautiful way. What's more, the colours are affected by further than just the light characteristics, it changes with a lot of physical disturbances such as temperature change, time passed until developing, the process of developing itself. All these things make the final results more organic because they carry the memories from all what they have been through.

 5. And finally, one personal strong reason to keep on 35mm is it makes me forget about everything else, so that when I go out to photograph I become no more than a part of the camera looking a perfect framing.

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