Friday, March 27, 2015

Eylül Aslan - 5 things I love about Film

Eylül Aslan is a 24 year-old Turkish freelance photographer, from Istanbul. She shoots mostly portrait on film, especially female models in weird positions with usually a perfect combination of various colours.

Eylül who has joined most of our projects has a lot of reasons to keep her passion on shooting film and here are 5 main things she would like to share with us.

1. The exciting moment of seeing my photos for the first time after they have been developed and printed.

2. The surprise effect. The process takes a long time (at least longer than looking at your digital photos) and I never know what kind of surprise (often a good one) is waiting for me at the end.

3. The fact that I always wait for the photo to be perfect. Unless it is the perfect shot at the moment of taking the photo, I do not push the button.

4. Simply the way it looks.

5. And I love loving film.

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