Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bernd Frikke - 5 things I love about Film

Bernd Frikke is a 32-year-old German photographer, based-in Emden. He first felt in love with film photography for 3 years ago.

Bernd who has just joined with us in a project called First Roll of Film Ever in January shoots mostly with medium format cameras. He has many reasons to love shooting film and here are 5 main ones he would like to share with us.

1. The most important thing I love about making photos and also shooting film is that I take a closer look to what surrounds me. I would even say that it changed the way I look at my environment and the people in it.

2. What I also love about film is that I think twice, if I really need to take a picture of something, because of the limited amount of frames. But when I do, I take time to think about how I can capture what I found.

3. I also love the sound of the shutter of my Hasselblad. And most of the people I shoot with that camera are astonished by its look and feeling.

4. Shooting with black and white film is simply more exciting that just turning a picture into greyscale with your computer. That would also be a very ordinary way to ‚rescue‘ a boring coloured photo. Never do that! I especially like to play with shadow and light and love the grain of film.

5. Even if you have troubles with your camera (as I had once with the film-transport of a Seagull 4A), there can be something come out really interesting.

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  1. This was really an informative blog about the things he loves about film. I hope it have some videos here that shows some of his most wanted film.