Friday, March 6, 2015

'Days of My Ordinary Life' through Black and White Film Photography by Vincent

Vincent is a 37-year-old Singaporean photographer, also a Chemistry teacher in a local junior college. “I started shooting film when I was 21 years old but jumped onto the digital bandwagon when the Nikon D70 came out. 5 years ago, I started to shoot with film again and never turned back. I use mainly black and white film and process them at home. I have an enlarger at home to print out my photos.”

Vincent, also known as Days of My Ordinary Life (Vincent) on Flickr, shoots mostly street and his family's members, especially his three children in black and white films. “I am on a life long project to document the growing up years of my children. I love using film cameras and developing my own negatives. The direct involvement from picture-taking to developing and printing is rewarding. This is what I call real photography.”

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