Saturday, March 28, 2015

Urban Area Film Photography by Matteo Massimo Santoni

Matteo Massimo Santoni is a 46-year-old Italian photographer, based-in Verona. He stared shooting film at the age of 20 when bought his first camera a Praktica MTL 5 B. “I also taught to children at Summer camp how to develop black and white films and print them.”

Matteo is also an information technician. After working in many places of Italy, and enjoyed several arts as painting, drawing, acting, fire breathing, net art, web design..., he returned to photography about 5 years ago. “This happened when I learned to use in manual mode of my Canon EOS 600 D. I realized that I was able to do all these things in the past with the analogue, but I had forgotten.”

Matteo currently likes to mix digital and analogue in his portfolio, using old cameras like: Fujica GW690 II, Praktica MTL 5 B ( the “old lady”) , Agfa Ambiflex and  Lomo Smena-6 (the “girls” of the 60’s). “I believe this is the best period to shoot in digital and analogue.”

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