Sunday, March 29, 2015

Black and White Film Photography by Kenri Basar

Kenri Basar is an Indian photographer, from Basar.  She has always been fascinated by photography since childhood, but could only pick up photography seriously when she was in college, and started shooting film for couple of years ago.
“Availability of Film negatives are getting rarer in India and there are no studios which sells negatives in my place. I source it from online but it is getting rare now.”
Kenri who is also a retail owner has taught herself photography from books, magazines and from various online sites.
 “I believe I am the only one left who still take photos with film in my place, so finding people with similar passion in film photography here is just so amazing. Other members' photographs inspires and motivates me a lot. Film photography evokes sense of nostalgia and melancholia in me and my photography reflects it.”

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