Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dreamy Portrait Film Photography by Jana and Bora

Jana and Bora are the due of photographers who come from Slovakia, shoots mostly on film with a Zenit-12xp, and are still studying at university.

Jana is studying Graphic Design, she first got into photography with her first camera, a Diana Mini, but started shooting seriously “when my friend gave me a Zenit camera. He hasn't used it yet, so I said goodbye to Diana and sold it. And since then, I start shooting.”

Bora is studying documentary film making, “My first photo were flowers of lilac and chicken from a film camera. I was very shy about this camera, because it was period of digital while we didn't own any digital camera, and when my father took picture of us I felt awkwardly. But later, I found the way to use this camera and felt in love with it because it is fantasy.”

Jana and Bora love to uncover dreamy stories hidden below the surface of ordinary world. Their inspiration comes from fairy tales.

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