Saturday, March 7, 2015

15 Amazing B&W Photographs from the late 1950s and early 1960s by Harold Chapman

At the age of seven, Harold Chapman was already taking, developing and printing photographs. His creativity was allowed to develop freely when he left his native town of Deal in Kent and moved to London. Meeting John Deakin in Soho in 1954 was a turning-point in his career which was to influence his style that developed during the late 1950s and early 1960s in Paris.

Harold Chapman moved to Paris in 1956 and lived in a thirteenth-class hotel on the Left Bank, which became known as the 'Beat Hotel'. He spent seven years in the hotel, during which he worked ceaselessly to produce a documentation of Paris everyday street life.

When the Beat Hotel closed its doors in 1964, Chapman was the last guest to leave. The collection of photographs he had taken there provide an artistic and historic record, and became the mainstay of his reputation.

Billboard Series, Priest. Paris 1960s.

House Wives Chatting. Paris 1960s.

Love in St. Germain.

Lambretta. Paris 1950s.

The Secret Spy, from Billboard series. Paris, 1960s.

2CV Station Wagon. Paris 1950s.

Apple Club. England 1960s.

Fashion Photo Shooting. Paris 1960s.

Secret Drinker.

Sinners. London 1960s.

Teen and Beatles Poster. London 1962.

Belle de Nuit. Paris 1950s.

Paris, Les Halles, Meat Express. 1960s.

Billboard Series, Boys and Cigarette. Paris 1960s.

William Guthrie, Painter. Paris 1950s.

(Photos © Harold Chapman, via theomcgallery)

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