Saturday, February 7, 2015

The First Photo of the Entire Earth from the Moon, 1966

On Aug. 23, 1966, the world received its first view of Earth taken by a spacecraft from the vicinity of the Moon. The photo was transmitted to Earth by the Lunar Orbiter I and received at the NASA tracking station at Robledo De Chavela near Madrid, Spain. The camera system onboard took up a third of the Lunar Orbiter and allowed 70mm film to be exposed, developed, and processed automatically. The camera system was outfitted with two lenses, one of which took wide angle shots at medium resolution while the other took high resolution images with details as small as five meters. The image was taken during the spacecraft’s 16th orbit.

Space photography is quite possibly the most beautiful and awe-inspiring photography there is. That photo taken in 1966 changed the way we looked at our planet forever.

(Image credit: NASA, via

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