Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sweet Destroying

Destroyed film photography is not an easy method to play, but usually gives us interesting surprise.  
Sweet Destroying is a collection of destroyed film photos in which we can see interesting coincidences and unexpectedness. Only film gives us enjoyment.

Walking With Your Ghost by nico.padayhag

Drifting by ZaiLeeP

But i think i'm dying here. by syndrome stockholm

autumnʇɹǝǝs by angels_in_the_architecture

1931 April 11. Jerusalem and the curse of the Graf Zeppelin. by Jean-curious-about-others

FIRE OF LOVE (London, 2012) by Ren Rox

smoke rising by Lithium Pears

Untitled by allisonwells

electrocute by clairemassey25

Untitled by asoltani

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