Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ekeu Pratama - 5 things I love about Film

Ekeu Pratama is a 24-year-old Indonesian photographer, based-in Bandung. “First time I became interested with film camera was when I accidentally saw the photos on internet. When I figured out what camera that was, I found out it was toy camera, a film camera with plastic lens. After searched I found a Diana and a Holga. Starting from this lo-fi camera, it turns out that I feel like I want to do more serious shooting film and try LC-A, Lubitel 166 Universal and finally Nikon FM2n.”

Ekeu who has just joined with us in a project called Me and my film cameras has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and he would like to share with us his main 5 things.

1. Things I like about film are the limited number of frames that we can shoot so that we should consider which objects really deserves to take.

2. With this limitation, we develop our imagination to create unexpected results.

3. Instead of seeing the result directly like digital camera, I think what makes film interesting is the curiosity.

4. The result feels more natural with the grain and all its aesthetics.

5. Last but not least, film photography is romantic.

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