Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stefano Santucci - 5 things I love about Film

Stefano Santucci is a 31-year-old Italian professional visual storytelling and wedding destination photographer, from the middle of Tuscany, Florence. He first got into photography many years ago and shoots both digital and film.

Stefano has just been featured on our website for nearly 1 month currently uses a Pentax K1000 and a Minolta SR-T 10 when he works on film. He has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and he would like to share with us his main 5 ones.

1. It's not an inflated market (although likely to become for fashion), but fashion will be passed, value won't.

2. Helps you to think before click without automatic functions (since 1970). It's more creative than digital, more authentic and honest. And I don't have to carry heavy bags with me.

3. Every time the process is different, colours, expressions, surprise on the results. There is little sort of losing control like these that I admire.

4. Amazing results on print. People should come back to print, to touch their pictures.

5. I would be very very sorry if the old development lab shut because digital. Some places made the history and deserve glory.

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