Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amazing Construction with Multiple Exposure Film Photography by Marcin Kubiak

Marcin Kubiak is a Polish photographer, based-in Warsaw. “Photography is my great passion. I’m not a commercial photographer. I have been shooting film for seriously for about 3 years.”

Marcin currently shoots mostly on film with a variety of different materials, “and I prefer films with grainy effect. I prefer to work with old film cameras. My favourite are Rollei 35, Smena 8M and vintage Ercona in medium format. They are fully manual, so I can have total control over them.”

Marcin's photos are usually focused on surrealism. “I like to create dreamy unreal landscapes with ordinary concrete forms which surround me. Most of my shots are multiple exposure of my natural environment: collections of conglomerations of blocks of flats. And I also like to shoot street life too.”

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