Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kodak Color Plus 200 - Cheap but Good

Kodak Color Plus 200 (Image by Khánh Hmoong)

Kodak Color Plus 200 is a 35mm colour negative film. It is available in 24 exposures or 36 exposures in a roll. Kodak Color Plus 200 is a fairly cheap film and also easy to buy but the photos come out rather well. The film should be used for out-door area.

Product highlights
  • Produces fine grain
  • Natural color reproduction
  • Very sharp images
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Pleasing skin tones
Here are some photos which were shot with Kodak Color Plus 200 film by a variety of film cameras in different environments.

Silhouette II by KarlDavies

Olympus mju V & Kodak Colorplus 200 by deaf burglar (to bokeh or not to bokeh?)

Salford Crescent station (Zorki version) by Born in York

grassman p by b o n 3

Kaukas by kristianmatilainen

Untitled by woronowska dorota

catching the sun by akmalp27

Untitled by sadie jane baynham

Shells collecting by apissepet

oh, the smile of summer... by ~green tea ice cream~

Night sky. by Vector Collapse

. by artumunoz

S p i r a l • D o w n by Leon.Antonio.James

Untitled by CharlizeLeung

Macao by ahanyoung

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