Monday, January 26, 2015

Interview with Tomislav Marcijuš

Tomislav Marcijuš is a 23-year-old Croatian freelance photographer, based-in Darda, Osijek. He has been featured on Shooting Film twice and now coming back to share his work with us in an interview.

- Hi Tomislav, can you introduce more about you?
My name is Tomislav Marcijuš. I live in Darda, it's a small place in eastern part of Croatia. Photography has been my hobby for 4 years. I like all types of photography, and I like to capture everything around us. I'm using various cameras:  Zenit 11, Canon 3000N, Praktica L2, Holga 135BC, Smena 8M. I'm using 35mm film, unfortunately because of the pace that I live in I have no other options. I hope for better future. My work was published by several magazines and web pages.

- Do you have projects in future in photography?
I have many plans for future, but I don't like to talk about them in advance, because by some coincidence they may not be realized.

- What does photography mean to you?
For me, photography means "words" I've never said. I want that my photographs breathe, I want that people can understand what they are looking and what I wanted to say, without reading the description.

- Tell us about your influences and what inspires you?
Inspiration is all around me, but I got the most inspired by the music, painters and photographers like Gerd Ludwig, William Albert Allard and others. If you love what you do, you can find the beauty to capture everywhere you look.

- If you could photograph any person (past or present) who would you choose?
In one of previous interviews I've said that I would like to photograph Timotej Svensson Zachrisson because of the emotions that she's showing in her songs, music videos etc., and if I could go back to the past, I would like to capture René Magritte, I believe that he would be an interesting subject, because his beautiful paintings are one of my inspirations.

- A lot of people are into photography today, what would you say to them to inspire them more?
I don't have much to say for this last question. If any person who is photographing in this world, love their job as a hobby, or any other interest, they will find their own inspiration and incentive to continue, and keep giving everything they've got for their work, and success will come on it's own.

Tomislav, thank you for the interview!

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