Friday, January 16, 2015

Flickr Samplr #49: Polaroid Flower

Flower symbolizes beauty, pureness and softness. It's always an endless topic for photographers. In this Flickr Samplr, we would like to show another beauty of flower through interesting photos shot by Polaroids from our group pool.

Polaroid Love Affair - Peonies by Alison Bean Photography

Rosa pimpinellifolia by Maija Karisma

Untitled by Valentinà.

Untitled by yéssica klein

Pink Flowers, Blue Sky No. 1 by deep_blue_sea_1956

Untitled by sara.robin

Untitled by Irene Stylianou

sakura | naoshima by Kumiko SEKIGUCHI

Poppy Season by bghfilm

familiar path by +akanée+

flowers by scrapenbaker

Orange Tulips (Polaroid Image, Impossibe Color for Image-Spectra) by baumbaTz

❀ every day is Earth Day by ViannaVi

Hello spring ♥ by Hello i'm Wild !

We lean towards the light in our skies by Celina Innocent

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