Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Emily Wharton - 5 things I love about Film

Emily Wharton is a 22-year-old American photographer, based-in Texas. “I started shooting film in 2010 after I graduated from high school. My mom had given me her old Pentax ME Super at that time and I have been shooting film ever since.”

Emily loves to shoot everything around and self-portrait with her different film cameras: a Polaroid SX-70, a Polaroid 250, a Pentax ME Super, a Leica R3, a Nikon F3 and sometimes a Mamiya C3. Film photography is really a special love for her, so there are a lot of reasons that make her always love it, but here are 5 main things she would like to share with us.

1. The ability to choose what kind of camera and film I want to use that day. I love having options when it comes to different cameras  and types of film.

2. Having prints of your photographs. I feel like most people don’t actually get a chance to touch or feel their photographs anymore. I see in most homes those digital picture frames now. I think it is such a shame to not have a actual print.

3. The tones and colours of the film. There is just something about it that digital cannot do.

4. Being in the darkroom. Being able to process and create your own print is magic.

5. Thrifting and hunting for old cameras and films. I love going to thrift stores and antique stores to find new cameras and on occasion, finding  unused film.

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