Friday, January 2, 2015

15 Most Annoying and Irritating Phrases That a Photographer Does't Want to Hear

After the success of What not to say to a Graphic Designer, in collaboration with Picame magazine, graphic designer Luca Masini of Zerouno Design created another list entitled What not to say to a Photographer features 15 most annoying and irritating phrases that "can reach the ear of a photographer, not only from the customers in this case, but also by improvised photographers, friends, relatives, boyfriends.”

(What not to say to a Photographer by Zerouno Design, via PetaPixel)

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  1. What to say to a photographer.

    "No, I will not give you permission to use my photographs to promote your business, or to sell them to other parties".

    Seriously people. Photographers may retain the right to the photographs, but they still need your permission to use your likeness commercially. Don't get hosed without getting compensated.