Tuesday, January 13, 2015

15 Interesting Minimalism Analogue Photos of 2014

Artistically, minimalism depends on high simplicity and involves using a minimal amount of compositional components such as shape, color, and line. Many of us are drawn to "less is more" with simple lines, geometric patterns, strong shadows, contrasting colors, lone subjects, etc.

We chose 15 interesting minimalism analogue photos of 2014 from Flickr to clarify in this article.

Света by Masha Maroz

Loneliness by pavlitofilippito

Milk powder by Inga Dinga

Individual and Collective Journeys by hjl

Flowering by uncoolbob

Intersection - Nikon FE2 with Tri X

Tree shadows by threepinner

Image1-573 by lightbox17

72890013 by Camilla Soares

Untitled by inaminorchord

* by Daniel Espinoza

by luca galavotti

Untitled by Sheung Yiu

snail on the wall by Vladar4

Untitled by FelixSchunk

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