Monday, January 12, 2015

15 Interesting "Me and My Film Camera" Analogue Photos of 2014

"Me and my film camera" is one of the favourite self-portrait styles of a lot of film photographers. There are many postures taken with film cameras. And here are some of them.

triple mirror shot by ericloeffler

❈❈❈ by Forever A Sleepwalker

Untitled by Paul Aeneas

myself by pollyanna_skies

reflected self portrait with Konica AA-35 camera and inside out wig by pho-Tony

Untitled by Tristan Hasseler

Film 01 – 07 by Anni Lo

toronto - april 2014 by Džesika Devic

film by ayagilila

self-portrait by Giuseppe_mat90

self reflection by beck2square1

Untitled by Francisco Paramos

Untitled by Baie.

West loop. by alveoli_photography

self mirror (1) by Andrea Lombardini

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