Saturday, January 10, 2015

15 Interesting Destroyed Film Photos of 2014

Destroyed film photography is a style of photographing that photographers shoot with their film rolls which are bleached, boiled, burnt or put into soups...after drying. This photographing style usually brings back interesting results and increasingly attracts film photographers.

Here are some interesting analogue photos of destroyed film photography in 2014 which were chosen from Flickr.

afterglow by Lithium Pears

Untitled by nord sol

sydneybynight by Jessica Ashley Unknown

Untitled by vanilly.moon

Amnesia by Julio Perestrelo

Untitled by +++ponyrock+++

Anguilla 2014 by john eyes the world

mlacasseBURN_05 by malaca11

experimental by ▲lin

Bubble by 4foot2

Lemurs by auspices

kookaburra burn by Tina Blakeney

Atardecer by [ Wu Wei ]

Untitled by oibis

yinyang by Mariana CecĂ­lio

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