Monday, January 5, 2015

15 Interesting Animal Analogue Photos of 2014

Not only people, animals sometime also have interesting moments in their life. Some of following animal photos in 2014 will show this. They can not be the most beautiful ones, but hope they're interesting.

elephant-4 by Rich Killion

Bronx Zoo by S.G. Washington

Furry moocher by mfophotos

Close Encounter by John Richards1979

Love reflection. by ASHLANDJET

Horseplay in the mist by garussell11

Painted Turtles Sunning Themselves on a Log by npurmort

deux_vaches by third_bird_generation

CNV00027 by vladoilievski34

AFRICA_660 by travelphotoman

*** by Dmitry_Ryzhkov

Rock'n'nRoll by Kater Murr

. by plexus solaire

Three Little Pigs by shootingstarz17

:) by +akanée+

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