Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jan Herdlicka - I

Dear friends and followers!

You possibly know me from various series Shooting Film gave me the chance to publish here: Black & White, interview, 5 things I love about film photography. Now they gave me the chance to let you guys know about my latest project!

After 4 years of get­ting deeply into pho­to­graphy, the time has come to step back, pause and con­tem­plate. My first book I is the attempt to find the essence of my pho­to­graphic pur­suit and gave me the chance to look at the work I have done so far from the per­spect­ive of a spec­tator. The first chapter is closed. The second chapter just started.

In order to visu­al­ize my pho­to­graphic approach and show some parts of the book I did a short film together with Nic­olai Nier­mann that you can watch here!

Thank you for all your support.

Jan Herd­licka — I
Pho­to­graphic work 2010 — 2014
68 pages
A4 Format
Edi­tion : 100 (numbered and signed)
19 Euro
worldwide shipping incl.
Release Date 14.12.2014 (pre­order now at jan​herd​licka​.com/​s​hop)

Bye for now and greetings from Berlin,


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