Monday, December 15, 2014

Chloé Maynard - 5 things I love about Film

Chloé Maynard is a 24-year-old French photographer, based-in Paris. She started shooting when she was 17 with an Olympus OM-10 camera, since then has shot film mostly.

Chloé who has been featured on Shooting Film once loves to shoot everything around. She has a lot of reasons to love shooting film, but here are 5 main things she would like to share with us.

1. The precaution when shooting. The number of pictures are limited on a film, so you have to pay more attention to what you decide to shoot. With a film you can get 27 strong different pictures, with a digital you can get 27 versions of the same picture.

2. That is why I often bring disposable or analogue camera when I travel, to catch what I consider to be the most essential thing that will remind me of the instants. I am not always looking for an artistic or perfect result, sometimes it is only personal, I'm the only one who know what those instants meant to me.

3. The quality of the result on disposable camera is sometimes not technically correct but there is no rules right? Once I found a disposable camera for 1 euro in Budapest. You never know how it will look like, it is like playing a game and waiting for the result to know if you did well. That is a delightful waiting.

4. Rediscover a film when you have no idea what is on it then develop it, is one of the best surprise and sensation. You finally see the pictures, while you totally forgot about them, and all the memories come back in a few seconds.

5. Film offers you material remains of all these past instants. I am really afraid about the way time flies sometimes. It is the way to fight the time a little bit, to keep it in the present. These pictures brought me back to these places, to these people I love and these instants we have lived together. It is like a diary.

See more of her work at her Tumblr.

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