Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Emotional Family's Life Black and White Film Photography by Pauline Goasmat

Pauline Goasmat, a French photographer, is also a film director based-in Rennes. She first got into photography many years ago, then left it behind to fully dedicate herself to making films and video clips. “But the call of photography was stronger, I took out my uncle's old Lubitel and has captured the life.”

“It’s about a French LGBT family (my love, 2 girls our family and friends).” She says. “In France, since the wedding has opened to gay people, a few of people want to get back and say a lot of horrible things about homosexuality. So I decided to use photography to record my life with my lovers.”

Pauline who was featured on Shooting Film once nearly 1 year ago currently shoots mostly with her Contax RTS, "it has not left my side since then and has captured my life, travels, landscapes, encounters through its lens, then transformed into stills." She adds.

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