Monday, December 15, 2014

Beautiful Portrait Film Photography by Johanna Gene Stickland

Johanna Gene Stickland is a 22-year-old Canadian photographer, based-in Portugal. She started shooting film when she was about 18 years old and living in New York. “I bought a film camera because I wanted to document my life and people around me at that time. My first big inspirations came from Araki and Nan Goldin. I was drawn to the intimacy and timelessness of their images. It felt like their photographs let me enter a private world.”

Johanna loves faces, inspired by the beauty of women, movies and loves going to different places and meeting people. “I love shooting with film because there's such a warmth to it. I also love the element of surprise in developing a roll of film. I am drawn to simple, strong, sometimes dreamy or cinematic images, and this is the kind of work I hope to make.”

See more of her work at her Tumblr.

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