Sunday, December 28, 2014

10 Interesting Photos Taken by Using Cambo Large Format Cameras

Roelof Bok started business as a cameramaker in 1945 in Hengelo, the Netherlands. His company was called Technica Hengelo and the first camera produced was the Super Techna. When Bok tried to export his cameras, a possible confusion with the Linhof Technika cameras forced him to rename his products to Favero and later Cambo (i. e. Camera Bok).

The company moved to Kampen in 1965. In 1968, cambo obtained worldwide success by developing the multishot camera. This camera fitted with four lenses and hence is able to take four pictures at a time. Since several years Cambo has expanded their product range into the market for Video supports.

Here, we present a selection of 10 interesting photos taken by using various Cambo cameras. You can also share your photos by adding them to Cambo Large Format group's pool on Flickr.

Solitary Trees by Martin's Little Shop of Photos

Home for Christmas by mns_mike

untitled by kaiser pelagic

Mute Dawn by peckhamryecrow

Flatiron Building at Rush Hour, New York City by andrew c mace

Tulip field panorama by frank_bunnik

Ann by Nataliya Tazbash

verk20100903orwo by Tanel Verk

The Last Dance by Paul van Bueren

2014.07.23_Iulia by cobilanschi

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