Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oldster Reads Newspaper

Reading newspaper is always a good everyday habit. Depending on conditions, each person has a habit of reading the newspaper at different times of the day, mostly in the morning. We can easily catch them everywhere: personal house, coffee shop, traffic station, or even street side....

And maybe the elders are the majority.

Intitled by LIN CHIA HUI

NYT by benbenbenbenben

short trip by train - by Momota.M

NikonF3-May21-2010-Portra400VC_0022-edit by mazdamattc

Immersed by p2-r2

db [stranger 18/99] by tonicito

Lector by AriCaFoix

Reading by 飞鸿留影

* by iamwen

Reading by thatgingerthere

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