Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hand in Hand

“Hand in Hand we stand
 All across the land
 We can make this world
 A better place in which to live

 Hand in Hand we can
 Start to understand
 Breaking down the walls
 That come between us for all time” - Tom Whitlock
hands by daylessday

Untitled by Paige Victoria

Untitled by Aubry Aragon

Untitled by theonlymagicleftisart

Holding hands by Woods | Damien

Linea di confine by La Tì / Tiziana Nanni

Pusi & Shajt 01 (Hasselblad 500CM - Zeiss Planar 80mm - Kodak Tmax 400 - Pyrocat-HD 1+1+100) by sirolajos

I wish you could understand how I feel by Dear Pao,

Untitled by Nasos Zovoilis

Big Brother's Wedding by Steve_Ting

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