Saturday, November 8, 2014

Elena Pérez-Ardá López - 5 things I love about Film

Elena Pérez-Ardá López is a 23 year-old Spanish photographer, based-in A Coruña.  She started to get into photography for few years ago and loves to shoot everything where she travels. Her photos are often grainy and so blurry, they always attract the viewers.

Elena who was featured on our website once not long ago has a lot of reasons that make her always love shooting film, but here are 5 main things she would like to share.

1. It's different. We can deny it. Film is more raw, more sensitive. it's all about the grain in the picture, the non-focused parts, the light. In my opinion, the accurateness of the pixel can't achieve that.

2. It's a great fun. You never know, you must wait! The waiting time to see what you have done makes you forget what you were doing. It's so good to see after a while, things turned out good. It gives you nice surprises and you remember the moments intensely.

3. It's more clever. I think people still use film because they have to concentrate more on the picture. There is no point on going wasting shots. You have to think carefully what you want on the picture, what not...and you can't erase. It's thinking on images. I believe that all photographers should use film for a while.

4. It's a technique. Analogue makes you understand the way that a photo is constructed. The speed of the diaphragm and shutter it's a different thing compared with the digital.

5. It's a choice. As a self choice, it's something that feels good. It's a nice way to have a "secret", what's inside the film it's yours. You create something and it's your decision when you want to see it or show it to others.

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