Friday, November 14, 2014

Akio Takemoto - 5 things I love about Film

Akio Takemoto is a 27-year-old half Italian and half Japanese photographer, based-in Bologna. He first got into photography when he was in university and has used a Nikon FE and a point and shoot Ricoh AF-5 as his two main equipment.

Akio who has just been featured on our website for 2 weeks is also a freelance videomaker, he loves to walk on the street and shoot people's activities spontaneously with film. And today he came back to share with us several reasons that why he always loves shooting film.

1. I love how film smells, the tactile sensuality of prints and all the different sounds of the cameras.

2. I love the smoothness of the grain and the feeling of continuity from the foreground to the background.

3. I love that it makes me focus on every shot I take and that it forces me to be always ready with the right camera settings.

4. At the same time I love the fact that mistakes and camera's flaws are imprinted on a physical support, and sometimes they are bloody beautiful.

5. I love to wait for all the magic of photography to happen, I'm always excited when I finish a roll, just as the very first time!

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