Monday, November 3, 2014

Amazing Black and White Children Portrait with Medium and Large Format by Ryan Mills

Ryan Mills is an American traditional film photographer, based-in Spokane, WA. He started to get into photography many years ago and  “it is always the best way to preserve memories. To remember the moments and the people I have met.” He also enjoy spending time working with and capturing people that possess what he believes to be a natural sense of beauty. “Like any dreamer I enjoy a fantasy world in my head. Using that to paint with light, I create portraits that to me tell a small story or evoke a sense of emotion.” He says.

Ryan is self-taught, he usually collaborates between friends and their children with fine-art technique in his work. He mostly shoots their portraits by a medium format Pentax 67II and a large format Sinar F. “Over the years I have found children to be my favorite subjects. They bring such a unique grace and being free of the self conscious nature we adapt as adults.” He adds.

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