Friday, November 7, 2014

Beautiful Portrait Film Photography by Nicola Neri

Nicola Neri, a 34-year-old Italian photographer, is also a graphic designer from Milan. He started to get into photography when he was 14 with a Nikon FE from his father. After long time using digital, he came back to analogue for few years ago and since then has shot mainly with a Hasselblad 503CW, a Pentax 67II and a  Sinar P.

“Analogue photography is the way to express myself. My favorite films are definitely the Kodak TRI-X for black and white and the Kodak Portra for colour. I usually develop all the black and white films at home by myself, and for the colour films I have my trusted lab in Milan, where I'm living.” He says.

Nicola currently is working as Art Director for a game development company, he also loves painting, traveling and going around at least with one of his mechanical film cameras. He shoots everything, but mostly portrait.

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