Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black and White Film Photography by Lucus Landers

Lucus Landers is a 22-years-old American photographer, based-in Brooklyn. He has recently graduated photography from Pratt Institute. “I didn’t know much about photography before that time. At Pratt I studied photography and learned to experiment with building my own cameras and working with alternative processes.”

Lucus has been working on a funny little project. “The animals we’re all crafted by some of the greatest taxidermy artist to have ever lived. Underneath their hides lay no flesh nor bone but rather foam and timber. The camera doesn’t care weather or not these animals are alive or dead. The taxidermist worked hard to freeze these animals in time and all I have done is taken it one step further and recorded it on film. This added level of distance futures the illusion and makes these scenes even more believable.” He says.

For this project he tried to get back to the more traditional photographic processes of the animals by working with 35mm film. “All of these photos are shot on 35mm Tri-x 400 and Delta 3200 black and white film using my Canon 1N.”

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