Friday, November 14, 2014

Creatively Painting Portrait Film Photography by Jessie Dinan

Jessie Dinan is an Australian photographer, based-in Brooklyn, New York. “I'm really drawn to street photography. I think that using film really captures the beauty and grit of the streets of New York and love to work with Black and white film and use this as my medium to create my imagery, with all my work being individually hand printed in the darkroom.” She says.

Jessie also loves to shoot portrait then paint on it to make incredibly interesting works. “The self portraits have been shot on a Nikon FE and a Pentax K1000. After that I hand-process all the film usually in D76, and then hand-print all the images using a matt fibre based paper in the darkroom. I use a range of things such as beeswax, tea, red wine, sepia toner, bleach and sandpaper on the print creating that vintage feel. Once i'm happy with that process I move on to hand painting the image, usually in oils although I sometimes use water colour.” She adds.

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